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Smart Security Solutions to secure what’s important to you.

Protect what’s valuable to you with a Smart Security Solution from Blue Eagle. Our security advisors will work with you to identify and implement a reliable, high-quality security system that will ensure the safety and security of your people and assets 24/7. Whether you are looking to secure a high-value asset or reduce stock loss due to retail crime, our team of friendly professionals are standing by to assist you.

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At Blue Eagle, we source and supply quality, ethically produced products from trusted international brands.

We specialise in providing NDAA compliant products to protect you from potential cyber security vulnerabilities. All our supply partners go through a vetting process to ensure they meet a very high standard of build quality and reliability and do not breach any human rights. You can learn more about NDAA compliance by clicking here


Our team of security experts will work with you to evaluate your current security measures and advise you on ways you can implement a Smart Security Solution in your business or home.

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Industries We Service


Crime on city streets is increasing, but with a Smart Security solution, utilising a state-of-the-art CCTV network, Councils can detect, deter, and allow Police to respond to incidents promptly.


Police staff are under-resourced and stretched thin. At Blue Eagle, we offer solutions to Police that allow officers more time to carry out their all-important duties and less time spent behind the desk.


Securing Government facilities, staff and ministers is an ever more pressing issue as we live in a world where threats against them are sadly all too common. By employing advanced security measures, threats can be identified before an event can take place and ensure the safety of everyone involved.


Quickly identifying who is arriving at and leaving a corporate office is vital for the safety of you, your team and visitors to your site. You can maintain a complete site overview with correctly placed CCTV and access control.


Keep an eye on your business operations with a high-quality CCTV system. Ensure the health and safety of your team and site visitors, mitigate risk from unauthorized persons accessing your site, deter theft, monitor staff performance, and much more.

High-End Residential

Nothing is more important than your own family, so protect them with a reliable security system to keep them safe from violent crime and theft.


Controlling who has access to your manufacturing plant, ensuring the safety of your team, quality control, stock shrinkage reduction, and much more can be achieved by employing a Smart Security Solution. Quickly identify missing items by carrying out advanced video-based searches.


Identify unauthorised personnel entering sensitive military sites and respond promptly by utilising a range of security products, including perimeter beams, AI cameras, Radar, thermal imaging cameras, etc. With foreign operatives always on the lookout for weakness, only the very best system will do.


If you are experiencing stock loss in your retail store, a Smart Security Solution will assist you in identifying persons carrying out criminal acts. Using modern AI systems, identify repeat offenders as they enter your store so they can be trespassed and escorted off the site immediately.


Education facilities can be a target of criminal or anti-social activity. Protect your assets, staff and students by implementing a quality security system that offers advanced warnings of imminent dangers.

Logistics & Ports

Stop criminal activity and stolen goods from being transported by integrating a solid security system into your operation. Deter and identify the theft of packages and goods to provide peace of mind to your clients.

Shopping Centres

Criminal activity can be identified and acted upon quickly by implementing a strong security system within your overall security plan. There is a need to protect retailers and shoppers alike from theft, acts of terrorism etc. Our systems will assist you in providing a world-class shopping experience.


Keep passengers safe whilst on the ground and in the air by ensuring a high-quality security system is in place to identify persons of interest, suspicious behaviour and items etc.


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“I was personally involved in this investigation and the subsequent arrest and interviews of the persons responsible, and as a result viewed this CCTV footage. I can advise it was very clear and was of such good quality it enabled Police to identify the suspects on the night in question, which lead to the arrest and charging of three local Wairarapa males. I am aware also that these cameras were motioned activated, which lead to an almost immediate notification being made to Police, which as indicated above led to the males being arrested.”

Matt – NZ Police